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Martin Beaulieu, Ph.D.

Dr. Martin Beaulieu is a biochemist with expertise in the development of molecular applications and diagnostic assays. In the past 16 years, Dr. Beaulieu led research & development activities in academic and bio-pharmaceutical organizations. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry (1993) from Laval University and a Ph.D. in Physiology-Endocrinology from the Faculty of Medicine (1998) at Laval University.

Dr. Beaulieu’s Ph.D thesis focused on steroid hormones and drug metabolizing enzymes called UGTs and their role in controlling steroid hormones homeostasis and cellular hormonal response in cancer cells. He authored 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, and his positions at Sequenom, DiagnoCure, Abbott Point of Care, and Regulus Therapeutics included leading research and development divisions.

In 2016, Dr. Beaulieu traded his biotech legacy for the reins of Quantum Brewing, a craft nanobrewery in the heart of San Diego. As CEO and Head Brewer at Quantum Brewing, Martin combines his biochemistry skills with his life-long passion of making craft beer that attains the perfect balance of bitterness, flavor and aroma.


Bill Pham

Bill Pham received his B.S. with distinction in Chemical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he was a member of the Phi Kappa Phi All-University Honor Society. While at the University of Illinois, Bill focused part of his studies on materials engineering and semiconductor processing. He also conducted experiments and wrote a thesis on surface tension and tube diameter effect on horizontal liquid-gas, two-phase flow in small diameter conduits.

Bill worked as a summer intern at Eli Lilly Pharmaceutical in Indianapolis, Indiana where he assisted on research for recovery of precious metal catalysts used in drug making processes. Following his internship at Eli Lilly, Bill worked for Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati where he was on the Downey fabric softener technical research and process implementation team. While at P&G, Bill traveled to various manufacturing plants across the U.S. to implement new manufacturing processes.

In 1996, Bill earned a JD from the USC Gould School of Law. In 2005 he was honored as Outstanding Young Lawyer of the Year by the Los Angeles County Bar Association Real Property Section. These days Bill practices law at the Pham Law Group, where he is involved in all aspects of real estate transactions for a wide variety of private and public clients.


H. Kevin Jiang

Kevin has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from National Taiwan University and a Master of Science in Computer Science from Michigan State University. He has over 30 years of experience in innovation in the Telecommunication industry with AT&T Bell Laboratories, Alcatel-Lucent and Nokia. He is currently a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff of Nokia.

His expertise is most essential in the Computer Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms, and Software domains, and he has a keen interest in research coming out of Michigan State University.


Carol West

Carol graduated with a Bachelor of Science Information Technology Management degree from Regis University. Her Aerospace career spanned 26 years, working for the U.S. Government and for Lockheed Martin. She is the Former Chief of Configuration Management (now Systems Engineering) at Lockheed Martin, Deer Creek Facility where she supervised a group of engineers who were preparing engineering change proposals to missiles and ground equipment. Almost all of her work was in support of the United States Department of the Air Force.

Carol’s main interests on WorldPropertysJournal include NASA, JPL, Lockheed Martin, Aeronautical Engineering, Astrophysics, and Planetary Science.


Patra Thipkhosithkun

Patra attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, where she received her B.S. in Biological Sciences in 1999. Fresh out of college, her first scientific job began when she became a research technician sequencing human DNA at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, Missouri, a hub of the Human Genome Project.

Inspired by the possibilities that opened up in the field of genomics post HGP, Patra moved West in 2001 to Biotech Beach, also known as San Diego, California, where she worked as a research associate at Sequenom, Inc. The German company developed a novel MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry system detecting SNP mutations in genomic DNA.

Not shy of adventure, Patra moved to Quebec City, Canada in the frigid winter of 2006 and worked at Laval University’s sequencing and genotyping center, where she helped set up and run Sequenom’s MASSArray system with iPLEX technology for multiplex genotyping applications.

With the new responsibilities of motherhood, Patra sought work/life balance and found a solution by pursuing a writing career as a French-English translator, a job that allowed her to work from home. She wrote for BUM Interactif, LLC, a producer of online entertainment news articles for high profile Canadian websites such as Sympatico. Patra also worked as a freelance writer for Canadian universities.

As luck would have it, Patra freeze-thawed her way back to San Diego in 2014 and resumed biotech in 2015. She currently works as a research associate in R. assay development at Hologic, Inc.


Michael Kovarik

Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where he graduated with Highest Honors. His senior project combined digital signal processing, computer interfaces, and GUI development, and he also completed a special project related to machine vision and artificial intelligence.

He has decades of computer engineering experience, working at a diverse range of companies from authoritative research giants like AT&T Bell Laboratories, to small Silicon Valley start-ups, to his own companies, engaged in computer architecture development, semiconductor design, hardware verification, software development, database programming, and many related fields.


Lauren Tafla

Lauren is a student at California State University San Marcos working on her B.S. in Applied Physics with a concentration in Electronics. Her studies include electromagnetism, atomic physics, modern electronics, computer science, and a lot of math. She plans on gaining more research experience before she writes her undergraduate thesis and applies to graduate school.

Lauren has worked as a professor’s assistant for the Math Department at CSUSM and taught precalculus concepts to students. She has mentored middle school students in circuit building with the Community Service Learning Program of the CSUSM STEM Center. She is currently working for a non-profit called Treobytes to teach after school programs on technology (scratch code, computer building, 3D printing, ect.) to underrepresented minorities in the Escondido School District. She serves as CSUSM Sustainability Club President, and has for two years, working to organize events and lead bi-monthly meetings focused on educating the campus community on social and environmental responsibility.

Her interests include astrophysics and cosmology, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, software development, applied mathematics, sustainability, quantum mechanics, and special relativity.


Vicki Hyde

Vicki has degrees in psychology and sociology from University of Canterbury. She was founder and managing editor of New Zealand Science Monthly magazine which was published for the full decade from 1990 to 2000. During that time she authored Godzone Skies, Astronomy for New Zealanders and helped launch and market Webcentre’s flagship TurboNote software. She won the New Zealand Association of Scientists science journalism award in 1999.

She was the long-standing Chair-Entity of the New Zealand Skeptics (NZ Committee for Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal, Inc). In her leisure time, Vicki can be found in an alternate persona as a Baroness of Southron Gaard, a branch of the international Society for Creative Anachronism. She was made a Member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2013 New Year Honours, for services to science.

Vicki was the founder of WorldPropertysJournal and the Managing Editor for many years. Although she is no longer involved with the site, she still deserves special recognition here.

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